Sweets, Soda, & Shirts

Inspiring happy hearts & cheerful faces through sweets, soda & shirts.

Offering Caribou Coffee, Coca-Cola, comfy clothing & copious candy.


For 25 years Creator Designs has provided fan gear to our community as well as many others. Upon making the decision to separate our retail from our custom business, we knew we needed additional products to carry. What better way to inspire happy hearts & cheerful faces... candy & soda pop!


Although sweets, sodas & shirts bring pleasure, it's temporary compared to the joy of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately, our goal is to delight our customers & employees but most importantly, our Creator.

"A happy heart makes a cheerful face..." Proverbs 15:13 


Happy Hearts & Cheerful Faces

Dwain & Trina Banner, Owners


Dwain & Trina have 4 boys and one daughter-in-law, Deacon & Allee, Bo, Jake, & Chapel. The whole Banner family is involved with Creator Delights, taking orders, making drinks, making a deposit, but mostly sampling everything :-)  They attend Wellspring Baptist and they love their community. Most days, you can find them at a ballpark or gym. The Banners also own Creator Designs, a screen printing company, that started in 1991. Dwain and Trina both work there on a daily basis. If Dwain has spare time, he'll be coaching his boys or working on the farm. Trina loves all things candy and anything colorful. If you catch any of the Banners at Creator Delights, tell them hi and let them know what makes your heart happy and your face cheerful..